PhD Journey Begins in July 2023

July 2023 begins a new journey for a PhD in Leadership & Change at Antioch University. I am very excited about this and look forward to researching about HIV Prevention & Care for college students. The program is designed for professionals to complete within four years and continue their current professional endeavors. The Graduate SchoolContinue reading “PhD Journey Begins in July 2023”

Grappling with Blackness

People continue to grapple with our blackness — why? I laughed when the article discussed how some argue that because Harris’ parents are Jamaican and Indian, she has no connection to slavery and can’t be African American. Wow, the lack historical knowledge and understanding of the Africa diaspora. Slaves were “seasoned” in the Caribbean beforeContinue reading “Grappling with Blackness”

Excited to announce my new role at Indiana University FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dec. 11, 2019 Bruce Smail   BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Bruce E. Smail will be the interim director of the Indiana University LGBTQ+ Culture Center and special assistant to the vice president beginning Jan. 2. Smail, who has several years’ experience in organizations focused on equity, diversity and inclusion, replaces Doug Bauder, who isContinue reading “Excited to announce my new role at Indiana University”

It’s World AIDS Day 2019

As a person living with HIV since February 10, 2003 (almost 17 years); I pause today to: remember the many lives lost (including friends and colleagues), encourage us living with HIV, celebrate the many advances in HIV, and acknowledge that zero new transmission is very near. I encourage you to know your status – getContinue reading “It’s World AIDS Day 2019”

Vote – Today’s Election Day

It’s Election Day — If you haven’t voted, you have all day to cast your vote. As President Obama said at a rally, “Don’t Boo, Vote!” It is our responsibility as American Citizens. At the age of 9, I was involved in two campaigns. My mommy, Juanita Smail was running for Senator for St. Croix,Continue reading “Vote – Today’s Election Day”

This Will Be A Labor of Love

After taking two weeks to recoup from my coast to coast journey, I finally started the writing process for my book. This is very exciting step but also a long journey. This morning, as I was writing the elements of the first chapter, so many emotions resurfaced. The first chapter begins with my doctor tellingContinue reading “This Will Be A Labor of Love”