HIV Dialogue

cropped-4a33e2aa-565a-47a0-8fd4-d7d9f53adfbc1.jpg6/3/2018 – Good Morning! As you know, I am moving forward with actively engaging my passion around HIV issues. With this post, I am creating the option for ongoing dialogue on HIV. As a person living with HIV since 2003 as well as a former CEO and Executive Director of two nonprofit HIV/AIDS organization, I am quite familiar with many of the issues facing individuals living with HIV as well as prevention. I encourage you to use the discussion option to raise questions or comments. It is my hope that this will help share knowledge and information for individuals living with HIV, individuals concerned about prevention of HIV, or help you in supporting your friends and family with HIV. I will do my best to give you my perspective or provide you with information that may be helpful for you. Let’s let the dialogue begin.

2 thoughts on “HIV Dialogue

  1. I am extremely excited you are doing this full-time. Thank you! I hope to call you for a talk in 2019-2020 academic year. Stay tuned. Keep up the good work.


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