Visibility Matters

There are moments in life when you have to listen to the many messages being sent to you. On February 10th, I celebrated 20 years of living with HIV. I posted a video on my social media about my 20th Anniversary. Since that posting, as well as my commitment to remain open and visible asContinue reading “Visibility Matters”

Networking at ACPA2016

I am very excited to attend the American College Personnel Association National Conference (March 6-9, 2016) in Montreal. My last Higher Ed Conference was NASPA2004 in Denver. I look forward to networking as well as chatting with folks about the need for stronger HIV Prevention & Education programs on campus. My absence in Higher EdContinue reading “Networking at ACPA2016”

BLKPOZ On Campus

My professional experiences in Higher Education and HIV Prevention provide a unique perspective of the gaps in HIV Prevention and Education on college campuses. Black Poz Voices are relatively absent in HIV discourse on campuses. As I continue my journey with HIV, I will expand efforts to share my story across college campuses. BLKPOZ isContinue reading “BLKPOZ On Campus”

Writing A Book In 2016

On February 10, 2016, I celebrated 13 years of living with HIV. It’s been a journey with challenges and many opportunities. I decided that this year I will write a book to share my story of Living with HIV. This is an exciting new journey but I look forward to the completion so my voiceContinue reading “Writing A Book In 2016”

World AIDS Day 12/1/2014

Video of my speech: World AIDS Day 12-1-2014 Text to the Speech: 12/1/2014 – World AIDS Day Speech – Rochester, NY | Bruce E. Smail, Executive Director | The MOCHA Center, Inc. Good Evening, 1.1 million people are living with HIV in the USA — I am 1 of the 1.1 million. In 2012, 3,316 newContinue reading “World AIDS Day 12/1/2014”

13 Years – 2/10/2016

Today marks my 13th Anniversary of Living with HIV. A few years ago I tattooed the red ribbon on my left arm to symbolize the fight to end HIV/AIDS. It’s been a journey, but one in which I have held my head high. One without shame and without silence. I have cherished the many folksContinue reading “13 Years – 2/10/2016”

Repost – 12 years 2/10/2015

Twelve years of surviving HIV today, February 10, 2015. I remember my doctor’s comment that I had a reactive test and us wondering what HIV test — since it was supposed to be given 3 months later. I share one of my favorite pictures below for a reason. My decision to wear the red ribbonContinue reading “Repost – 12 years 2/10/2015”

Repost – Seven Year Journey 2/10/2010

Please Note – This is a personal story with frank discussions about HIV/AIDS. Personal stories are opportunities to experience first-hand accounts of real-life situations. It is a gift and many times we see ourselves in these accounts. “I Have Some Good News and Some Bad News” It’s February 10, 2003, and I am sitting inContinue reading “Repost – Seven Year Journey 2/10/2010”