November 19, 2020

So much has happen since 2018 and while the passion is still there, my life has added a few other journeys including serving as Deputy Director, Black AIDS Institute in Los Angeles in 2019 and currently serving as the Interim Director, LGBTQ+ Culture Center & Special Assistant to the Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Multicultural Affairs at Indiana University. 

Indiana University is providing exciting opportunities to create Vision 2030 for the Culture Centers and a National HIV Conference in 2022. I will keep you posted.


June 2, 2018 —

I am very excited to start a new adventure in July 2018. For the past three years, I served as Director of the Cross Cultural Center at UC Davis and will be leaving on July 6th. I can now focus full-time on my passion issue.

When I launched this website in 2015, I wanted to begin an effort to engage dialogue with communities of color about HIV/AIDS and its disproportionate impact in our communities. As a black man openly living with HIV since 2003, I want to use my voice to help communities understand what it is like to live with HIV as well as strategies to prevent the transmission of HIV. I look forward to sharing my story.

This new chapter begins in July 2018 in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. My efforts will be trifold: speaking, consulting, and writing on HIV/AIDS issue.

I look forward to visiting various campuses and organizations to share my story of living with HIV. We must give voice to HIV in an effort to encourage prevention and support of people living with HIV/AIDS.

If you are interested in a speaker or consultant on HIV issues please contact me at brucesmail2015@gmail.com.



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  1. Congratulations on your new journey Bruce. Thank you so much for your faithful service to AAFSA and also being a solid voice for the African American community at during your time at Davis. I wish you all the best.


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